Consumer Advocate USA Customer Service Review

Welcome to what I find is the most powerful tool any Consumer can have….   Real and honest customer service reviews and products from those who have used them.  My hope here is to gather reviews from as many services and the companies who provide them.  I am just setting up this site as my team and I’s collective knowledge of companies throughout the United States and how their performance stack up against each other.  Another thing I will remind you is that there are no paid reviews allowed on this site and we are not ranking companies by who pays us the most.  The sad truth is nowadays companies pay to get 5 star reviews and the websites who give them those sweep under the rug the real meat of how a company operates and the quality of their service.  This “pay to play” is something I recently got to see first hand over the last 8 months as I went undercover for a moving company who was rated 5 stars by one of the most visited review sites on the web.  The 5 star review and the leads provided to the company I worked for were part of a paid package to have the truth hidden and a whole lot of bullcrap portrayed.  I will be going over my investigation over the next couple of weeks right here at Consumer Advocate USA.  I look forward to steering those lost in this sometimes web of lies to a better understanding of whose really on the other end of that phone call you just placed.  Also we love to hear your questions, comments, or criticisms.  Make sure to follow us by signing up for our newsletter as well, which has exclusive content and much much more!